Heart of Rags

If, we could draw my heart, It would look like the rugs my grandma made, With leftover pieces of fabric, Stitched together. Some dotted, some stripped, Tie and dye, pastel and luminous. The torn pieces created the beautiful mat. Even if the stitches could not be hidden, And each piece had a story to tell, … Continue reading Heart of Rags


The Coffee Stories – Meet Brew Mistress Vava – Part One

Storytelling the coffee journeys is how Vava enriches the taste of her coffee alongside the lives of the Kenyan farmers she has an intimate relationship with. She is a social entrepreneur, who exports globally but invests locally.It is a synergy that not only ensures the quality of coffee is top-notch, but that there is progress … Continue reading The Coffee Stories – Meet Brew Mistress Vava – Part One

Does Nairobi Have Street Culture?

Street Culture does not seem to have a very clear definition when each attaches it to their experience, of what they would perceive to be a city or town of Street Culture. In general, this would mean that there is expression of culture by youth through their creativity. We could also simplify it and say … Continue reading Does Nairobi Have Street Culture?

Theatre as a Way of Life, Wordlessness, Dyslexia & Why We Need New Stories

Eva Andrea Ter Avest Dahm. You’ll be damned trying to pronounce the name and lucky to get it right, unless you are of Dutch origin. But what if you did not try. What if you visualized the name. What character can you make out from the letters you see. Any scents? Colours? Ideas? I tried … Continue reading Theatre as a Way of Life, Wordlessness, Dyslexia & Why We Need New Stories


Are subjective... As we advance in life, the way we remember things changes. The thoughts, feelings and judgements we attach to memories alters because we too are altered by the magnitude of life. We shrivel and we open up, stretching our boundaries, testing our fears, realizing our follies, acknowledging our triumphs, amazing ourselves by our … Continue reading Memories

The Not-Prenuer: My Multi-Potentialite Syndrome

For a very long time I struggled to define what my career was. When people asked, "What do you do?" I could not think of a proper response, as much as I knew what I did- more precisely, all the things I did. As a child, it's amazing when you can do all these things: … Continue reading The Not-Prenuer: My Multi-Potentialite Syndrome